Sus testimonios


“Carmen es una gran entrenadora. Lo que apriori puede ser una obligación que uno mismo se impone, con la presencia de Carmen se convierte en un entrenamiento relajado en el que se trabaja pero con ilusión y entusiasmo. Ella se prepara las clases y le da una frescura y un optimismo al entrenamiento que divierte y ayuda a relajarse y a desconectar de las obligaciones diarias. Es un placer entrenar con ella” Cristina Salama Falabella

“Carmen worked at Fitness Together Ireland from October 2011 to April 2013. In that time Carmen proved to be a valuable member of staff. I found her to be extremely hard working and very flexible. She was very popular with clients and quickly built valuable relationships. Carmen is a fully qualified Personal Trainer. In her time with us, she built an excellent client base and practiced her skills to the highest standards.
She was always very diligent, punctual and courteous.

Her training techniques were excellent, she was continually learning and always coming up with new ideas. This kept clients interested, made the sessions fun but most importantly she got results.
Carmen has a very enthusiastic manner, extremely affable and very encouraging when training clients.

I have no doubt Carmen will be a great success, I am only sad she is not back with us here in Ireland.
Happy Training!” Carl Cautley (Owner/Manager)